Sierra Wave: Lingering in His Presence

How many times have you watched a sunset or sunrise and just gasped at its beauty?  Or in Nevada, a cloud formation that we call Sierra Wave, with its outstanding design!  A revelation of the perfection of the Creator, and how he loves to present such things to us as a means of bringing us closer to an understanding of who he is, to bring joy to our soul and spirit, and to take us to the place where (suddenly) we are focused on him instead of ourselves.

Before I knew Christ Jesus as my personal Savior I was deeply moved by his beauty, but did not understand the Creator of this panoramic beauty.  I saw it, and then turned to walk right back into the stress I knew so well – and the well-formed habit of focusing on myself.  Since I invited Him, as the Son of God, to lead me out of the urgency of making a day happen, and (instead) resting where his glory is already happening, I am finding that this is where I was created to be…and did not know it.


Through my own inner healing, with prayer ministers, the Holy Spirit began revealing why I had the urgency to be in control.  I gasped the same as I did when I saw my first Sierra Wave.  I was astounded with the journey that the Holy Spirit took me on while ministering to my inmost being – even before I had intellectual knowledge of right and wrong.  In the months that I had inner healing we found bitter roots that I did not know I had.  The Holy Spirit revealed things to me that no one knew about but Him.  Astounding…to see what was there.

The formation of the lenticular clouds is dependent upon many factors, including wind speed and direction, leeward wind patterns, and water vapor.  Thus, their formation is unpredictable.  It is the same with us.  God creates many factors throughout our life to bring us to the place where we are ready for him to reveal things to us, and why we could not see them before.  And in His timing.  When He does bring revelation, just like the Sierra Wave, the wind of His Spirit can take our breath away.  Unlike other clouds the Sierra Wave can remain stationary for many hours.  Many hours of lingering in the awe-inspiring presence of God.


In my role as Prayer Minister and facilitator of Elijah House Training Courses I am, in fact, observing my clients and students having their breath taken away with all the revelations from God.  What an awesome privilege and joy to my heart.  It is inspiring, satisfying, and continually affirming that I am in the right place.  They are astounded with what is revealed to them – at a deeper level.  I should write a book about all the “wow moments.”  It truly can be breath-taking for both them and myself.

Because my students continually, year after year, communicate that everyone needs to do this Elijah House Training Course I am dedicating this newsletter to invite you, and anyone you may know with a possible interest, to consider attending our next class.  Many of you have already taken the training, some are already Prayer Ministers, some have wanted to do it for years, and others are just learning about it.  Listen to the wind of the Spirit, soak up the vapors, rest in His presence and see if He is telling you to acquire new tools for setting people free….beginning with ourselves!

~Louise Zevan 


Disarming Fear

Mountain Light Ministries, in its teen years, is experiencing some obvious and not so obvious transitions and variations. You will be hearing more about it as time goes on.

The Team of Intercessors

One such arm of the ministry is the newly formed Team of Intercessors who now meet monthly (in person) to pray for MLM and its founder. This Team is derived from the 16 intercessors who have been interceding for the ministry for years through email. You can only imagine how happy I am that some of the intercessors are finally meeting with me in person.  However, not all can attend because some live in other states and others cannot make a weekday meeting.

During out last meeting an intercessor quoted Matt. 7:13 & 14 to me; “Go in by the narrow gate. For the wide gate has a broad road that leads to disaster, and many are going that way. The narrow gate and the hard road lead out in to life and only a few who find it.”


I’ve seen the destructive effects that fear of the unknown has on people, including my own life. The most recent would have been the immediate fear about America’s future that initially overpowered me. Then the Holy Spirit washes over me with peace – supernaturally. Supernaturally because I cannot create that peace. It is God-given. And, God-given because he heard me when I told him I want him to be Lord of everything, including what he does in this nation. So, while it rests in His hands that washing becomes a wave of the Holy Spirit picking me up from where I am and moving me along to a place of rest. Striving ceases.

It could be that few take the hard path to the narrow gate because of the fear of being out of control, like my testimony above. Fear can surface because there is often nothing in sight and no definition. The wide gate offers definition with its entitlement mentality that we have become accustomed to…but ultimately leads to destruction. Other reasons it could seem easier is because there is more room (on the broad road) to depend on someone or something else besides God. Or, the cry that I am already dealing with enough pain…what if God does not show up!

In the beginning years of life I experienced that trail of disaster, and have no desire to even look at that path again. Yet, when I began my walk with Jesus the narrow gate was frightening because I could not imagine (not) being in control, and giving full control to God…as if to say, “Does He know what He is doing?”


Day by day I began choosing the gate that leads to life and began learning how to live under that shower of peace. I have also learned that when I want to control the future it is open season for the temptation to go back to destruction and/or disaster.

In God we trust! Not in men. You alone are our provider, healer and KING! Only one thing will save this country and it is not a man…it is an awakening to God. God bless our president, and save him. We bind his mind, his will and emotions to the mind, will and emotions of God. I bind America’s feet to the path You have set before her! In Jesus name, Amen.

This was written by one of my intercessors, an intern, and young enough to be my daughter. Her generation believes that God is calling us to a tougher stand! She feels privileged to be called to such a time as this, and believes we have each been hand crafted for such a time as this.

She went on to say,

 Daniel and his three friends ruled Babylon through prayer and standing. They did not bow.

They did not bow to the “easier” way, the way that will actually defeat them and their testimony.

Wrap Up

Image courtesy of anankkml/

Image courtesy of anankkml/

Recently, while writing to my 16 intercessors, I had a vision of me wearing a holster with six-shooters. The holster was packed with bullets all around my waste ready for re-load. I told them that they are the bullets, we are in this together, and what a joy it is to be able to reach for them with confidence that the ammunition is readily available. The target?  For one – unprecedented fear that will, in fact, destroy “One Nation Under God” in our homes, offices, churches, relationships, and the exciting things that Lord is doing in MLM.

Are we going to be the many or the few; the wide or the narrow; learn through the hard, or succumb to disaster? On the Atlantic Ocean when fishermen catch blue crab they have found that when one crab is left in the bucket it will try to crawl out, but when they have more than one it becomes a mutual fight to keep the others from crawling out. My translation: let us, now, more than ever, stand together rather than pull each other down. For me…I want MLM to be a leader that will build each other up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit.  (Jude 1:20)

~Louise Zevan

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.

~Psalm 100:4 

 May the Lord bless you this Thanksgiving Day with family, friends, new acquaintances and vision into the narrow gate…where there is life!