Louise Zevan – Mountain Light Ministries Founder and Director

Of the 45 years Louise has known Christ as her Savior, she could only advance the Kingdom of God by assuredly making Him Lord of her life. Her own personal exposure to trauma, addictions, abuse, abandonment, and darkness at the deepest level  has enabled her to identify  with  those of similar backgrounds.      

Decades of extensive training, leadership roles, and Holy Spirit anointing have kept her busy as a mentor, teacher, minister of prayer counseling for men and women, facilitator of training classes, and extensive discipleship of all ages.

As a minister of prayer counseling, Louise frequently ministers to abuse of all forms, rejection, abandonment and identity issues. In order to arrive at the place where clients are comfortable, and feel safe to share their pain, she is equipped to introduce clients to the Father-heart of God (and the mother-heart of God). She joins with her clients as they experience  relationships restored, marriages healed, purpose made visible, deliverance from bondage’s, and transformation in their inmost being.

To contact Louise: [email protected]; 775-329-1946