Primarily, Mountain Light Ministries offers sessions for inner healing. Inner healing is a process of personal transformation by the work of Holy Spirit, and biblical principles, which are applied to help identify the the root causes of a person’s unwanted behaviors.

It is more than changing thoughts and behaviors. It is going deep in to the inmost being of a person to find why they do the things they don’t want to to, and with the ultimate goal of finding healing, transformation, sanctification and resurrection life.

Regardless of the measure of faith that is presented, He reveals Himself to each one personally.

In life we have tragedies, suffering, abuse, and pain of every kind. Often our responses can form bitter roots (Matt.7:16-20). Bitter roots develop bad fruit of unwanted behaviors that can hinder and rob the joy and fullness of God’s purposes for His loved one (Gal.6:7). Foundational to MLM is to seek God’s truth to bring freedom from the bondage of bitter roots and bad fruit (Matt.3:10; 7:16-20).